There are many no-cost or low-cost ways to get started.

Managing our actions throughout our day-to-day living is one of the most effective ways to reduce our impact on our environment. Improving our environment and our economy is directly affected by reducing water, power and other utility demands.

“If each of the (approximately) 2.6 million households in Arizona was encouraged to save/increase their buying power by $500 though “green” energy conservation (very easy to do by the way), that could sustainably release $1.3 billion into the economy from the bottom up. No matter how you count it, that would create a lot of jobs and do much to turn the economy around while giving us the social and environmental benefits all at the same time.” – Dr. George Brooks Jr.

At the “How to get started” pull down menu, you will find a variety of topics that might apply to you or people you know.


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