New Frontiers Natural Marketplace

 We are in the business of providing naturally delicious foods of the freshest and highest quality, as well as a full array of other choices for healthy living.

Cami’s Farm – farm fresh chicken eggs

Here at Cami’s Farm we pride ourselves in producing natural pasture raised chicken eggs. We have a commitment to our clients in providing quality eggs from our nests to your home. Our hens are pesticide, hormone, and antibiotic free and are raised as nature indended. You can find Cami’s eggs at Old Town Famer’s market on Saturdays and on Sundays we are at Ahwatukee farmer’s market and they are both year round.

Cami’s Farm has been with our family for over 25 years. We have raised beef, show cattle, hogs, and chickens. Recently, we proudly began producing natural fresh farm eggs that go fresh right to your home from our nests. 

Queen Creek Olive Mill

The Queen Creek Olive Mill’s farming practices and the products exemplify our dedication to the environment and the health of our customers.

We do not use pesticides, or genetically mutated trees, we use water-conserving irrigation methods, recycle, and compost all organic waste. Our prepared foods use herbs and vegetables grown on the farm as much as possible. We source local foods and services and support farming community.


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