Setting The Lighting Record Straight

by: Mark W. Connor, EcoVision Lighting LLC

Reducing corporate cost and creating the most sustainable and energy efficient environment possible is what many corporations are searching for. We began to search for additional products that could help building and asset managers become more eco-friendly while also offering an ROI of under 24 months and increasing their buildings NOI immediately.

After evaluating many lighting technologies in our office I was amazed by the amount of savings we were able to achieve with one in particular. What we found was a proprietary adapter that was not being utilized in the US. We did find several that attempted to imitate this adapter with limited success and poor efficiencies.

After much deliberation we did decide to promote this sustainable product with full vigor to assist other building owners and asset managers with achieving maximum energy efficiency through the most cost efficient manner available.

Europe has always taken the lead on energy conservation ahead of the US for the simple reason that their energy cost have always greatly exceeded ours. In today’s world of technology it is unsettling that a lighting product brought to market in 1940 still comprises over 60% of all fluorescent lights in the US. Of course I speak of T12 lighting, a lighting technology that is much like the incandescent light bulb which is no longer manufactured in the US.

Currently most lighting companies are offering their clients a conversion to T8 lighting, a lighting technology brought to market in 1981. Why would lighting companies throughout the US be offering to convert T12 lighting to T8 lighting? It is based on these two simple priorities: There own bottom line and what their factories are geared to produce.

Converting from T12 to T8 or maintaining an inefficient T8 is the equivalent of asking you to invest in 30 year old technology as opposed to taking advantage of the energy savings of today’s current technology.

We found an adapter with a built-in ballast that allows you to leave your current light fixture in place and inserting a 28 Watt T5 bulb that only burns between 17 and 20 Watts of energy while still producing 2400 lumens of white light. By converting from old T12 or T8 lighting to the T5 adapter we were able to see the following results:

1. 65% to 75% reduction in energy cost for lighting utilities when converting from T12
2. 40% to 60% reduction when converting from T8
3. Significantly reduced heat load of between 20 to 30 degrees from current lighting (per Independent FLIR Study)
4. Reduced cost of conversion
5. Speedy ROI
6. Increased NOI which translates to a more valuable asset
7. (7) LEED points value
8. Longer life span for lamps of up to 45000 hours
9. 5 Year-60000 Hour Programmable Start Ballast Factory Warranty
10. Permit free, inexpensive and easy installation

This proprietary product has also been independently evaluated and installed by UPS World Headquarters and the Deputy Directors Office of the GSA with energy savings of 60% and 52% achieved respectively when converting from T8 lighting.

With the above unrivaled benefits why would anyone hesitate to convert to this low cost non-invasive technology? Today’s current energy environment warrants dramatic changes in the way corporations evaluate their lighting and spend their money. Keep in mind as utility rates increase, the ROI term will be shortened.

This proprietary product is not the end all meets all but it is the best product available on the market today and is available through EcoVision Lighting LLC. EcoVision’s friendly and qualified individuals extend this invitation to you today to discuss your lighting needs and the potential benefits of utilizing this energy saving and environmentally friendly product.

Mark W. Connor
EcoVision Lighting LLC
770-598-9218 c
3350 Riverwood Parkway, S.E.
Suite GL 25
Atlanta, GA 30339-3377


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