Here are a few more ideas that can help save energy in addition to Shade or Weatherization.

  • Ceiling Fans can provide additional comfort in winter & summer. In the winter they can push the air up and circulated the warm air that is trapped near the ceiling. In summer they can push air down. Adjust thermostat higher in the summer and lower in the winter to comfort.
  • Outdated pool pumps will often use more power than all your home appliances combined. There are energy efficient pool pumps available that are much more energy efficient.
  • Change your higher wattage landscape lights to low voltage lights or switch the lamps out to CFL or LED. There are also solar fixtures available that are easy to install and they eliminate energy costs.
  • Install blinds with white or lighter color backing to reduce heat gain.
  • Install appropriate window film that reflects solar radiation away in summer and in the winter keeps heat in.

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