Founded in 2004, Bridging AZ is the first and only Furniture Bank in Arizona. A non-profit organization that provides families in need with the furniture and household items necessary to create a safe, comfortable and healthy home environment. Tiedemann Globe sorts and recycles used clothing and other used goods. Tiedemann Globe will deliver virtually any product for its customers, including vintage apparel (trendy, popular new and used clothing or garments 20 years or older), No. 1 (its highest quality, gently used clothing), export grade small bales (100 pounds), baled or boxed wiping rags, as well as surplus mixed rags.

Tiedemann Globe also sells credential clothing (apparel that has been donated directly from individuals, household pick ups or drop off sites). Every day, the business takes in about 120,000 pounds of used clothing and other items for grading and recycling to foreign resale shops. It has roughly 200 employees worldwide.


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