A portion of a typical househould energy bill is most likely going toward things that are plugged in but not being used, or for things like digital picture frames and other electronics. Some estimate that this can amount up to 4% of typical household power usage.

Unplugging these devices would reduce pollution from power plants. If every house in the US had a digital picture frame on all the time, it would take five power plants to run them. That’s a lot of needless pollution for us and future generations.

Let’s take an average power bill of $150 for a month. $150 x 4% = $6 x 12 months  = $72 per year going toward things that are just left plugged in and not being used.

How about unplugging and diverting that money into your local economy (which creates jobs) on energy-efficient lighting, which would create even more savings and less pollution?

Read More: http://finance.yahoo.com/family-home/article/112010/surprising-home-energy-hogs


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