SC-AZ has conducted interviews with individuals from corporations, businesses, and non-profit organizations in the field of sustainability. The majority of those interviewed are in agreement that what is missing is the individual’s understanding of the impact that their actions have on the community. This is the important link needed to move our communities toward sustainability. Some of the supporters’ comments are as follows:

“I applaud SC-AZ for helping every Arizonan to better understand and contribute to sustainability. As our state approaches its centennial in 2012, it is exciting and appropriate to be thinking and acting on how to make Arizona sustainable.”
Ken Bennett
Arizona Secretary of State
“I think what Bill and his team are doing is terrific! The passion and momentum for creating sustainable communities is strong, and having a group like Sustainable Communities AZ to bring it all together, from business to education to individuals, it’s definitely what we need.”
Laine Seaton, Executive Director
Environmental Fund for Arizona
“Sustainable Communities AZ is taking the message of sustainability and empowering citizens to take action. Their effectiveness stems from their ability to go places where other sustainability organizations have not.”
Jonce Walker, LEED AP
Maricopa County Sustainability Manager
“Sustainable Communities AZ is just what we need, an organization that recognizes and promotes all elements of sustainability. This organization seeks to offer simplicity and community to a complex concept that reaches all aspects of our lives.”
Mara DeFilippis
CEO / Founder
Phoenix Green Chamber of Commerce
“People, Planet, Profit, Purpose, the Sustainable Communities AZ forum will take sustainability to its next level in Arizona, as a transformative force for change and prosperity. A visionary concept for a new day.”
George B. Brooks, Jr. Ph.D.
NxT Horizon Consulting Group
Publisher NxT Horizon
“Sustainable Communities AZ is a critically important initiative for Arizona. We must move with singular purpose to help create local self-reliant economies that can withstand the global issues facing us. Bill and his team are contributing to this effort in ways that will help us become more sustainable. It’s a privilege to partner with them.”
John F Neville, LEED-AP
President, Sustainable Arizona
“Sustainable Communities AZ offers a long awaited opportunity for leaders from all layers of the community to engage in a dialogue set on fostering a sustainable culture shift. My hope is that the conversations started here become the foundation for tomorrows ‘way of life.’”
Jeff Frost, LEED BD+C, H
Sustainability Coordinator, Smithgroup
 “If we are to manage and sustain our resources, we need to begin locally. We support the efforts of Sustainable Communities AZ in Arizona, as well as throughout the Nation and globally. This will promote and progress healthy economies, higher wages, increased employment, conservation of natural resources and will continue strengthening the inner fabric of all communities.”
Eric S Trevan
National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development NCAIED
Arizona has the potential to be one of the green and renewable energy hubs of the country and SC-AZ is doing a fantastic job of bringing this vital sustainability information to the communities and residents of Arizona. Thanks for being the change we need in the world!
Eric Corey Freed
Founding Principal, organicARCHITECT
Author, “Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies”
“SC-AZ is doing a great and much-needed job of sharing information about sustainability and living a greener lifestyle to communities in Arizona. “Going Green”, greener lifestyles and sustainable living can mean experiencing an incredibly abundant way of life and SC-AZ is playing a key role in helping communities across the state understand what that can mean for them and how they go about achieving it. We support SC-AZ’s efforts; they are doing a fabulous job.”
Philip D. Allsopp, MS (Health Services Planning), D.Arch., RIBA, FRSA
President & CEO
Shaping Footprints, Inc., An Arizona Non-profit Corporation

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