Recently I was having a conversation with a perfect stranger (writing is a lonely job) about green building (writers tend to obsess about their subjects) and he told me something that made me sick.

An HVAC contractor (who deserves to be shot) had talked him into replacing his geothermal heat pump with a standard air-to-air heat pump. This man already had one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems in place – he simply needed to replace the unit itself which would have gotten him some pretty massive tax credits. Instead, the contractor managed to talk him into abandoning his loops (the most expensive part of a geothermal system install) and putting in a garden-variety heat pump. Since then, the man has been paying about $100.00 more in utility costs each month.

I Got There Too Late
Why would a contractor recommend such a thing?

Easy. He didn’t sell geothermal. (Duh.) This stuff happens all the time and it makes my head spin around. If only I’d had a chance to suggest that this man also talk to an experienced geothermal contractor!

My point in sharing this is to remind everyone that Greenspiration Home is an ACCESSIBLE resource. If we don’t have information to help you make a more informed decision, you can bet we know someone who does. So before you let a contractor talk you into something you’re not sure about, drop me a line: Honestly, you’ll make my day.

Trish Holder, Greenspiration Home

This article is reproduced with written permission from Trish Holder, Greenspiration Home

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